Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Diarmuid Its an old Gaelic Irish name pronounced like Deer-Mud . Why a blog? I’m not an elite runner. I’m not even fast. I am just a mid-pack, mid-age runner/athlete. In other words, I’m representative of a huge and growing part of many people who toe the line in races.

Like many ultramarathon athletes, when I first heard about this sport it was hard to wrap my head around it. I asked many of the same questions that people ask me today. Do you go non-stop? What do you eat? Do you sleep? Etc.

I also searched around a lot on the Internet for information about how and whether I could run these distances. I took bold action and sometimes committed to things that I had no idea how I was going to accomplish. For example, I ran my first marathon, the Steamboat Stinger, the day after I raced in my first 50-mile mountain bike race.

Although the elite runners were fun to read about, it was the ordinary runners who had written about their experiences that inspired me the most. They were the ones who made me truly believe that I could run 31, 50, 64 and even 100 miles.

So back to why. It’s pretty simple really. If I inspire only one person to lace up and go out and run … and that person is you, then you are why I have put this blog together.

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